Can I f**k you today?

hey there…

I”m trying to get myself back into that focused, concentrated mindset for work, but it’s been a four day weekend.  Chinese New Year.  I had done nothing but enjoy three days, (I worked on Saturday) of t.v., reading and cooking.

It usually takes 35 minutes of weeding through  bumper to bumper traffic everyday, but today, I left the house at 7.35 (according to the cabbie’s clock) and arrived at the office at 7.42a.m. Wow.  I wish it could be like this everyday. 

This week, in Malaysia, we see the trial of Anwar Ibrahim, a former Deputy Prime Minister.  He is being charged for sodomy of his … office assistant, a young, handsome man of some twenty years.  Everyone, including the police escort who often drives me around asks me,… “So, what do you think?  Is it true, or just a ruse to permanently throw him off of his power to overtake the current government?”

I say, “if you are asking, it is because you have doubts.”

They keep pressing for an answer.  Telling me I should have at least some thought on the matter.  I guess, I am afraid to say, I actually take the side of the office assistant.

It is not easy to go public and say, “Hey, you know what?  He said, “Can I f**k you today?” and then he sodomised me.” This guy would have to have been paid, mega mega big bucks. And the public humiliation too.

Maybe he did get paid mega big bucks, … because someone’s paid a lot of money, printing t’shirts that say, “Can I f**k today?” and giving them out free.

Oh well… these are my thoughts today.

I have to get off my holiday mood and get back to work now.  I’ll write later. 🙂



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Grey Matters

Hey Jeeem…

I am thinking about you and wondering if you ever have those moments where you have to sit and think, if who you are, is worth the person people perceive you.

My brain is ameshed like a ball of string rolled up, but I’ll try to explain maybe tomorrow. For now, I need to unwind. hahaha.

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City Cabs ala Annie a long long time ago.

I am just back from meeting someone at the KLCC shopping mall. Really tired, I decided to take the cab. I don’t really do. The taxi man was an indian. “How much does it usually cost to go to PJ?” I was expecting him to say the usual RM 15 the taxi men in KLCC would usually say. They shudder to think of the traffic they would have to face at the highway. This man had a reluctant face on. He says hesistantly, “Ok. My meter is really slow. Let’s make a deal for RM10. You are my last trip. I want to go home after this.” I agreed quickly and hopped in without thinking twice.

I made a few phone calls in the taxi, to kill the time but after a few minutes, I found myself very bored. The silence was deafening. “Where do you stay?” I asked him.

“In Raub.” the Indian answers.

Gosh. Raub is some 100 km away. “So far? Why so far?”

“I don’t want to stay in kl. If I have to rent a house here, I can for RM450 but I will be staying alone. I have my grandchildren in Raub. Every night when I come home, my granddaughter will run to the taxi to rummage through my coin box under the brake handle looking for coins. These are the simple joys in my life. I look forward to that everyday.”

“How long does it take you to travel from PJ to Raub?”

“About 1 hour and 45 mins. It is a dark and lonely road. Sometimes you will encounter wild boars and large pythons along the way.” He kept silent for a while, leaving me to imagine the beasts resting in the jungles of a dirt road leading to nowhere.

Then he continues, “last night by chance, i saw a leopard just sitting there by the road.” Wow… i thought. it’s like going through a mini night safari. I took his number down. Maybe one day, I may need to just to see a leopard, or two.

“What did you do before you were a taxi driver?” I asked curiously.

“I was a cop, working in small towns. Then I retired, but I felt like I was wasting away. I cannot sit in the house and watch the time fly. It ages me.”

I nodded my head, understanding what he meant. He left me at my home at that note. I guess the ride was anything but boring. He made me wish there was more time to listen to his stories.


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Hello world!

This is  my first post for the year 2010.  I don’t know if I’ll keep this up, but I’ll try…. Jeeem. 🙂

What’s new?

I am watching CNN while typing this.  Larry King special edition on the Haiti Earthquake.  100,000 dead, people with no food or water, an island in crisis.  That makes me want to join the Mercy Corps or something, but I am reminded of a friend who worked with the UN for five years. 

One can’t help the whole world, no matter how hard you try, and that makes you depressed.  Therefore, send cash, and let the Lord do the rest.

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